Company ,,Retra’’

producer of boilers with solid fuel what works in the market since 1998.

Company ,,Euro-plast’’

producer of two-, three- layer polyethylene products in private and business sectors.

Company ,,Chernivetsky gravel-sand mine’’

producer of non-metallic building materials, what are founded in 1970.

,,Vyrivsky mine’’ LTD

producer of rubble group of goods. The mine started its working in 1940, today the main shareholder is Basalt-Actien-Gessellschaft.

Green Rock

company of ,,Systems of automous sewerage’’ concetrates its working more than 10 years, exclusively in the field of development and production of sewage treatment equipment.

Company ,,Oliar’’

producer of sunflower husk pellets.

Company ,,Volyntorf’’

producer of peat briquettes for solid fuel boilers.

Company ,, Kerambud’’

the brick factory is one of the most powerful bricks producers in Western Ukraine, was founded in 2005 to increase the growing needs of consumers in high-quality wall building materials.

Company ,,Ivano-Frankivsk cement’’

the factory produces 12 kinds of cement based on Portland cement clinker which can be used without limits for all types of construction workings.